Message Tree

A Message Tree is a fantastic way to get well wishes and messages from loved ones, for a wide range of events including weddings, parties or anniversaries.

An alternative to a traditional guestbook, a Message Tree is used to collect messages from all of your guests and also serves as a beautiful centrepiece in the room. Kimberley has found that message trees never fail to add excitement to an event.

A Message Tree is the perfect way to capture the memories and well wishes of your special wedding or event. Each guest is given a card to write down a message for the bride and groom, or special person, and then they get to hang it on the tree. As the messages get written the tree fills up with warm wishes.

The tree creates a beautiful and imaginative centre piece and can be placed anywhere around the reception area. After the wedding or event, the wishes can be taken off the tree and kept in a keep sake box.

The tree can also double up as a more English traditional table plan, instead of just using a mounting board.